The Grandmaster, En Dwi Gast,

requests your presence on Sakaar!

Surrounded by cosmic gateways, this state-of-the-art trash planet exists on the edge of the known and unknown - at the crossroads of the Cosmic Multiverse of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure!

Whether you travel via FTL, warp speed, or Stargate, you are all invited to join Experience Level Entertainment for their third full immersion of Comic-Con at the Friday night party built for-the-fans and by-the-fans!


Kings from Queens, from Queens come kings!

The King of HipHop - Darryl 'DMC' Mcdaniels

will be doing a 30-minute Run DMC concert!

Come see a special live musical performance by everybody's favorite muggle - Dan Fogler!

Plus 100% live GOTG Awesome

Mixtape, pop culture, and '80s music

by The Flux CaRavagers!!!

Awesome Mixer Vol 2. will be Hosted by Bernie Bregman -

'The Geek Gatsby'! 

Plus with Hugh Carter, DJ Yondu, B. Squid, and Adia Break on the turntables, you'll be dancing and partying ALL NIGHT!

And Aerialist Frankie Tanimal!

* No official appearance by any Marvel stars.


Farscape and Henson fans!!!  You WON'T want to miss this!

Awesome Mixer Vol 2. has been chosen as the spot to hold the "unofficial 20th Anniversary of Farscape" party!

Located in the VIP section will be none other than:


DRESS CODE: There is no dress code, but you're encouraged to gear up in your favorite space-faring fandom wear and enjoy the many photo ops and good grooves. Spaces are available in the Rio Vista Entertainment VIP section, where you'll be joined by celebrity guests and get a chance to pick up our exclusive swag bag filled with fun artifacts!

VIP SPACES AVAILABLE: where you'll be joined by celebrity guests and get a chance to pick up our exclusive swag bag filled with fun artifacts!

VIP TABLES AND BOTTLE SERVICE: Reserve your table in “Knowhere” for only $200, or be one of the lucky ones with a table on the Sakaaran Arena dance floor in all of the action with the best views of the event for $275! Only 9 total tables available and you can let us know what bottle you’d like to start with and we’ll have it waiting for you! Tables come with 1 VIP ticket, and you have escort privilege to bring as many people to your table as space allows.**Each table comes with a 1 bottle minimum, payable at the venue, with prices starting at $250/bottle**



WHERE: Fluxx Nightclub, San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

WHEN: Friday July  19th 8pm-2am


*While you may have a ticket, should the venue hit capacity you may be made to wait. You are encouraged to arrive as early as you can in the evening and enjoy the long haul :)


**This is a fan event and not affiliated with Marvel Studios, its films, parent company, or any subsidiaries.

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