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XLE Productions is taking over nightlife at San Diego Comic-Con 2024 once again with three new themed bashes! XLE’s Party HQ Comic Con will occur at Parq Nightclub, San Diego. The fun starts on Wednesday, July 24, with the annual Comic-Con kick-off event: Ready Party One; and continues Thursday, July 25, and Friday, July 26.


Designed for the kind of fans who might spend dozens of hours on their cosplays, XLE parties go far above and beyond the usual pop-up banners and decorative lighting; they are loving deep dives into some of our favorite genre worlds, with decor, experiences and performer aesthetics to match. This year, they will be doing  three new themes at their Parq Nightclub residency, starting with the latest iteration of Ready Party One, which has been the staple preview-night afterparty since 2018 and traditionally features various intersections of 80's genre fiction. Ready Party One will be followed by two more nights of high-octane nerdy fun - featuring live performances and guest appearances by familiar faces, flow arts and burlesque entertainment, and of course, themed decor and photo ops.


Night 1

Wednesday, July 24


The return of the biggest Preview Night party at Comic Con: Ready Party One. This year’s theme, inspired by 80’s fantasy classics like Labyrinth, Legend, and The NeverEnding Story, brings guests into the heart of familiar fantastical realms for an unforgettable night.

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antihero afterparty

Night 2

Thursday, July 25


Welcome to the Antihero Afterparty, where the line between hero and villain blurs into a kaleidoscope of chaotic charisma. Inspired by the irreverent spirit of Deadpool, the chaotic fun of Harley Quinn, and the gritty realism of The Boys, this event is a celebration of antiheroes, where we honor the unapologetically unconventional and the delightfully defiant. Anti Hero Afterparty marks Night 2 of Party HQ Comic Con 2024.

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Night 3

Friday, July 26

Party in the Post Apocalyptic wasteland inspired by properties like Fall Out, Last of Us, and Furiosa. Embrace a night of revelry amidst the ruins, where every moment is a triumph against the odds.

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